Quality products for any size business

Because only the right contents make a vending machine perfect, we only use branded products, like Dallmayr, Nestlé, Nescafe, Milford and Ovomaltine. And we always guarantee freshness and quality.

Coffee high-quality branded products from Dallmayr
Cappuccino a balanced coffee blend, with a chocolate finish
Chocolate with a particularly creamy and excellent chocolate taste
Topping fine, thick and long-lasting milk foam especially for cappuccino and latte macchiato
Coffee whitener for a full coffee flavour 
Milk tea aromatic black tea with milk and sugar
Lemon tea with a finely balanced lemon flavour
Snacks fresh products always guaranteed
Sweets a wide variety of popular products and treats
Cold drinks  a selection of products from mineral water, soft drinks and fruit beverages to ice tea


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