As one of Germany’s largest and best-known coffee brands Dallmayr not only enjoys an excellent reputation in the home, but also in the café and restaurant trade.
Our select coffee specialities are appreciated everywhere from classical coffee shops, traditional hotels and top restaurants to fashionable cafés.

Why don’t you also serve your guests extra-special coffee? Our range is specially tailored to your requirements as a café and restaurant professional. You can choose – from popular Dallmayr filter coffee to modern specialities like espresso, café crème or latte macchiato. Always of the highest standard. The finest Dallmayr teas and drinking chocolate complete our assortment.

Premium coffee is a rarity. At Dallmayr we only use the finest highland coffees from the best growing regions in the world for our blends. Our favourites are premium varieties from the highlands of Ethiopia, the original home of coffee.

The Dallmayr experts pass on their experience from generation to generation – their flair for distinguishing qualities of coffee, their skill in composing the different Dallmayr blends, their careful roasting process, which gives the coffee its unmistakeable character, and the technology which preserves the aroma right through to the cup. This comprehensive feeling for quality is reflected in every Dallmayr product. Whether they are created for the gourmet at home or are part of the assortment specially prepared for cafés and restaurants; the typical Dallmayr coffee taste and the delicate aroma are released when the coffee is brewed. That gives you the certainty that you are serving your guests a perfect sensory experience and creates the conditions for the guest to ask for another cup.