Germany is devoted to filter coffee. This gentle method of preparation ensures that the aroma and essences are carried through from the coffee in an ideal manner. Food scientists have shown that filter coffee is one of the most agreeable ways of consuming coffee.

Almost all coffee machines currently on the market are able to prepare a good, aromatic cup of filter coffee. However, it is advisable to decant the freshly brewed coffee into a thermos flask because the coffee can quickly loose its precious aromas and acquire a slightly bitter and pale taste if left on a hotplate.

Many people are still convinced that the best taste is achieved using a manual filter. When applying this method it is important to leave the infusion to expand for about a minute before topping-up with the required amount of water.
If one wants to go all-out for maximum taste-sensation, coffee can also be prepared the way our grandmothers used to do it. Here, the desired quantity of coffee is first placed into a coffee pot, which is then filled halfway with hot water.

The coffee initially accumulates at the surface and should be pushed down gently with a spoon until only a golden foam remains. Now the pot can be filled with hot water. After a further eight minutes the beverage is ready to be sieved into the serving-pot. The result is a coffee distinguished by a truly wonderful scent emerging perfectly from within the pot.