Every cup brings a lingering reward - that special, unmistakable taste of Dallmayr prodomo. Its secret lies in the raw coffee that is used: exclusively the finest highland coffees from the best coffee-growing areas in the world.  The varieties that make up the special aroma of Dallmayr prodomo originate in Ethiopia. There, Dallmayr’s coffee specialists have been visiting the fertile southern regions of Sidamo and Harrar for many years at harvest time to select the best coffee from the preferred higher climes for further processing.

In the Ethiopian highlands, the fully ripened, red coffee cherries are still carefully picked in the traditional manner from naturally grown coffee flowers or in small rural plantations. Then they are “washed” using a special technique. These high-quality Ethiopian coffees are then blended in precise proportions with other exquisite highland coffees from Asia, and Central and South Africa, to produce the distinctive taste of Dallmayr prodomo.

Dallmayr prodomo is exhilaratingly full-caffeine whilst at the same time irritants and bitter compounds have been removed prior to roasting by a special refinement process. This full-aroma roasting process imparts that signature taste - a real delight for all coffee connoisseurs. It’s also suitable for those who tend to react sensitively to coffee. Guaranteed made from 100% Arabica beans.

Perfectly refined premium coffee.