Our coffee specialists have passed on their knowledge and experience from generation to generation – their ties with the top coffee-producing countries, their instinct for recognising quality coffee, their ability to combine different flavours for Dallmayr blends, and their roasting skills – all these are vital in creating the aroma and taste of Dallmayr coffees.

Dallmayr coffee production, utilising state-of-the-art technology, continues to profit from this experience. Our coffee beans are first roasted gently with a unique Dallmayr technique to create a fuller flavour, then carefully sorted, then ground in a way that preserves the aroma, before being packaged. Constant checks throughout the production process ensure that the Dallmayr standard of quality is always adhered to.
Around 200 tons of Dallmayr coffee is roasted every day, to be sold in the special coffee department of our delicatessen in the Dienerstrasse in Munich, as well as in food stores, department stores, and in leading delicatessen shops throughout Germany.